We ensure our diamonds are sourced from and polished in a way that respects and protects people, the environment, and the communities integral to the journey of those diamonds. Our goal is to build long-term trust in diamonds through developing a responsible supply chain by working closely with our stakeholders and partners across the diamond pipeline.

                 Jodhani Brothers firmly believe that businesses should never be separated from society, they exist for each other. It is the core of our company philosophy which gives equal importance to People, Planet and Profit. In other words, Philanthropy is a key aspect of our business strategy.

                 Our Success is not just only about financial profits, but we strongly believe in ethics, employee welfare, career development, & social responsibility. Winning the ultimate satisfactory level of our valuable customer with the help of transparent business practices and ethical values.

Employee Welfare

       Employee welfare entails everything from services, facilities, and benefits that are provided to the people of Jodhani Brothers for their comfort and well–being. The cleanliness of the workplace is done frequently for better hygienic working conditions including fresh lunch being served on premises every day, irrespective of their designation...

      Jodhani Brothers have incorporated staff welfare activities that encourage employees to stay fit, as we provide in-house well-equipped gym facility. Jodhani Brothers also carries out the cricket tournament, (JCL) Jodhani Cricket League, once a year for the well-being of our staff. Which keeps them physically fit and motivated. The mental health of an employee is equally important as their physical health, we organise regular seminars, motivational workshops, and activities to boost their moral support. Making them mentally resilient to stress from the pandemic – can improve thinking, decision-making, workflow, and relationships at work which in the end increases their productivity.

Health Care

       With our employees spending most of their time in the office, workplace healthcare is not an option but a necessity for them. Health is least acknowledged in the corporate world, Therefore, Jodhani Brothers have promoted healthcare insurance for its workforce and their families. There are regular eye check-ups for the employee on the premises and an annual health check-up for the wellbeing of our employees.

Community /Environment

       The concept of CSR is always about giving back to the society. Jodhani Brothers have participated in various drives and camps to promote the well-being of our community. Participating in the blood donation camps Participated in various clean city drives Bring Joy to those lives who were affected by the pandemic...

Conducted mass vaccination drive in the company for the safety of our employee Donating books and all the stationary product for the education of our young India Regularly providing food facility at the Orphanage homes.